No Destination 3-2: Respawn

Terror was injected down to the deepest marrow of my bones. There was two zombies shambling at the end of the dimly lit hallway and they took notice of my presence immediately. One of the zombies was a type I haven’t seen since the beginning of this terrible plague. He must have been no older than 4 years old but the virus made him extremely lethal.  He had the same strength as his older counterpart but he was more than twice the speed though! I glanced around in search of escape and saw stairs at the end of the hall. There wasn’t any possibility of me outrunning that thing in my condition. I put my back against the wall and foolishly brandished my sword in a last ditch effort. The rotting monsters picked up speed, possibly sensing the easy meal that laid before them. The child was getting within biting distance and I prepared for the end. At that moment, quite suddenly the child vanished from my view. Perplexed and terrified, I scanned the room as fast as my eyes could rotate. My heart felt like it had stopped and my legs turned to bedrock.

I then saw the child rising up slowly from the floor behind some rubble. It dawned on me that the child had tripped over some of the broken up floor. I took no chances and closed the distance between us with a swift hop on my good leg. I turned the flat side of my sword toward the child and aimed my swing. I foolishly attempted to take out two birds with one undead stone. The child tumbled through the air barreling straight into the legs of the adult. The opportunity to live filled me with hope and I took flight on my crutch towards the stairs. Suddenly the building began to rumble around me and I feared the worst was about to happen. Then I heard a loud crack behind me as the floor beneath the two zombies gave way. I froze, waiting for the floor beneath me to fall as well but the building grew still. I cautiously began to hobble towards the stairs while my adrenaline was still firing on all cylinders. Hitting that little guy really hard was going to take a heavy toll to my arm. I might have even opened up a wound during all that, but luckily the pain remained steadily dull! I arrived at the stairs and before I begun my ascent I glanced worryingly upwards. At that moment I heard some pained moans from the opposite side of the room. “Nether’s bells, can’t I catch a break?!”, I thought to myself. My fear kindled the fire within me and I picked up the pace quickly. The will to live was equally matched by the brutal sensation of hobbling up the stairs. Twisting my body was torture and using my knees was unbearable agony. Adrenaline can only dull the pain so much but I no longer cared at that point. I was at the halfway point to the next floor so I leaned against the wall for a mere moment. I focused my hearing towards the lower floors and waited for the dreaded moans. I heard them but I also heard footsteps and they were getting closer with each thud. They were seconds away from reaching the stairs, I gritted my teeth and kept ascending. I didn’t know how much longer I could have continued, “I’m dead.”, I gravely thought. I shut my eyes and focused on getting as far away as I could as fast as I could.

Buried Alive

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No Destination 3-1: The Room

(Please read No Destination chapter one and two first for the most thrills! The resource pack used is Elveland Light by renanslk.)

A dark storm rumbles and quakes in the distance destroying all in its path. It releases a powerful roar of thunder that could be heard for many miles. Deep in a forest, under the storm, lightning sets the branches of a massive oak aflame. An insect looks helplessly as the hungry flame begins to turn the woods into nothing more but ashes. The black clouds rolled ever closer to it but it just stood there curiously spectating it with indifference. The flames grew more ferocious as the wind carried its message of destruction far and wide. Thunder furiously roared but still the insect just stood there for reasons it couldn’t understand. Eventually it became so dark it couldn’t see itself but then everything became illuminated as the lighting struck the insect. The insect believed it was going to be a quick death but its body slowly cooked alive. The electricity overclocked its senses and every bit of pain became a nightmare of searing agony. It writhed in hellish suffering and in the distance another flash of lightning met with the ground. The thunder furiously rolled across the forest as the insignificant insect finally left this world. Clarity reined my mind as it dawned on me that I was dreaming.

My eyes shot open as a crack of thunder made me gasp for air which I found to be a mistake. I yelled like a child entering the world for the very first time. I had no understanding of anything and every single thing was terrifying… but I was alive. I knew I was, for my broken body made sure I was aware of this fact. The presence of pain multiplied itself phenomenally as I slowly awoke from my deep slumber. I don’t recall anything after the portal but there I lay in the ruins of an old building, on a bed long past its useful days. There was a trail of blood spilled on the floor starting from the door and it pooled up at the foot of the bed. Clearly, I had sprung a leak on the way there. I first thought that I must have crawled over there before passing out. I looked at the rest of myself to assess the extent of my injury and found some bloody bandages wrapped around me in various places. I was not in any state to give myself medical attention so that means someone cared for me but who? I was on death’s door, with what felt like only one functional lung but the thought of someone who saved me ignited me. My body couldn’t match the hope that to built up in my mind. I couldn’t even move my arms so getting out of bed was completely out of the question. I yelled out to anyone that could hear me, “Hello?! Hello?!! Hello?!!!”, but there was never any answer. I immediately felt light-headed and ravenously hungry which lead to me passing out very soon after. It was not an easy rest, my suffering body was a constant reminder of what had transpired when I tried to cross dimensions. My mind was plagued by the memories of my time in the nether… or what I thought to be the nether. What the hell happened?

The silent echoes stalk the empty hallway.

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No Destination 2-2: Thank You Sam

Please read No Destination 2-1 and all parts before it for maximum enjoyment.

Boat for One

The path to the library leads us to a massive ocean that goes beyond the horizon. The cool ocean breeze blissfully plays with my shirt as I ponder to myself. I observe Sam and his wife watching their son happily play in the waves. She then rests her head on Sam and let’s a small sigh escape a weary smile. They suddenly appear ages older but no weaker. It’s obvious to see they gain strength from each other. They do what they need to do for the ones they love. I step on a small seashell and I’m brought back to the problem before me. We must cross this ocean so I stroll to a nearby tree. After some time I’m finally finished crafting my vessel. I yell to Sam and the family, “It’s time to go everyone!”, but I notice something. I didn’t make the craft large enough for everyone. If I was to continue working to make the boat larger we would be stuck here for at least another day. I checked through the supplies earlier today and I know we don’t have the supplies for it. That’s the reason we follow these rumors across the wasteland. We need a location that would be able to provide a more permanent housing solution. We couldn’t continue in this fashion for much longer, we were all very tired and we can end up making mistakes that can cost our lives.

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Shear Terror

On the serene plains of Minecraftia there lived a herd of sheep. They had everything they ever needed: grass, a watering hole, a small cave to sleep in, and each other’s company. There was even a new addition to the herd recently and you can see him resting with his mother in the cave. They all lived happily in their biome but one day an odd shadow appeared on top of the furthest hill. The hot afternoon sun made it appear as nothing more than a small silhouette in the distance. It looked like a sheep but standing only on two legs. As it got closer they saw it had a blue body and light brown legs. It was like nothing they ever laid their eyes on before.

The sun dances along the plains as the sheep feed on the grass.

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No Destination 2-1: The Survivor Known as Sam

The Tale with a Tail

The ever vigilant darkness slowly wraps itself around the land. The darkness is so great that even the smallest candles of hope appear to be a beacon.


I realize the number in the screenshot is wrong. When I made this originally I planned something else entirely but plans have changed. I don’t see it worth the hassle of reediting this one photo though. I have stories to write! We now join the survivor as he rests under a tree during a late and eerily calm night.

Trusting the Stranger

The groans of the undead grow too loud so I decide its best to find somewhere off the road to rest for tonight. Unfortunately there are no nearby caves or uninfected structures to take refuge in. I put myself on the highest snow covered hill in a spot that is the furthest from any path around me. Not the best accommodation but I make do with what I have, I always have. I do feel too exposed so no torches tonight which only makes me even more restless. You never know what may be hiding in the shadows or what your imagination may perceive. I hold out as long as I could but eventually fatigue wins against paranoia. I fall into a light slumber under the maddening moonlight.

Before I fall into a deeper sleep I hear a sound that wasn’t a groan. I’m used to being jostled from my sleep by now. I spring into action brandish my sword ready to defend myself. “Woof”, I hear above me. I notice a wolf residing in the tree I’m under, yet he doesn’t appear like he is going to attack. He walks a perimeter in the branches… not unlike a guard but what would he be defending from the tree? The wolf appears concerned as he looks down upon me. Somehow he knows that he isn’t trusted as he climbs off the tree slowly. He cautiously makes his approach towards me and sends a greeting via a happy bark. He takes advantage of my stunned response by nudging me back towards under the tree. Reluctantly, I follow but I don’t put away my sword just yet. He sat under the tree near the spot where I was previously lying in the snow. He points his jaw to my “camp” as a way of telling me to sit back down. “My name is Samuel and I want to help.”, I hear him say as I settle into the snow.

“Help with what?”, I say as I begin preparing to defend myself. He notices my hand and stops me by saying, “Hold on, I saw how weary you were and you lacked pack-mates to look after you through the night.” He doesn’t take his eyes off my hand but I slowly relax myself. “You want to watch over me while I get some sleep?”, I ask putting heavy emphasis on my disbelief. “Yes, I mean no harm. Please rest until the moon is gone.” Samuel says to me with a smile on his face. “…Okay but don’t approach me while I rest. Alright?” He yelped back at me, “That will not be a problem! Please sleep.” I lay back in the snow keeping my eye on Samuel as he darts back into the tree. The little guy has very strong legs its no wonder how he survived this long. My sword does not leave my hand but my eyes finally close. The remainder of the night goes by uneventfully as I gain an uneasy rest.

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No Destination 1-2: The Pursuit of Knowledge

The Company of Others

I grow tired from my journey and decide to stop for the night. An unfamiliar sound appears out of nowhere so I decide to investigate. It appears to be nothing more than a couple of sheep. I wonder how they survive all of this? They are harmless and I can use some company so I decide to talk with them for the night. Am I going crazy? It really did seem like a two-way conversation. He told me about his wife and how she escaped from this city. It appears he already accepted that fact that she is most likely already dead but he can’t say it out loud. It reminded me of how I was when the world came to an end but I’m not gonna dwell on that anymore. It turns out they also are nomads and they really like this jungle. For some reason I decide to politely end the conversation here. “I have to be on my way Mr. Carter.” I remember saying and he tells me to not be a stranger. Something was gnawing at my mind telling me I was in danger. Was I being hunted?

Ulterior Motive?

I hear some rustling behind me and quickly draw my sword. It was Mr. Carter’s friend in the bushes. We never spoke, he seemed to be avoiding me then. “Hello..?” I say out loud to him but he doesn’t respond. He stares at me at a way that makes me uneasy. How do they survive out here? My paranoia is getting to me and I think my mind is cracking. I run, run away from the potential danger and from the dark depths of my mind. How do they survive out here?

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No Destination 1-1: The Pursuit of Knowledge

This series took place on an apocalypse survival server called Aftermath, follow the link to learn more and join it if you desire it. Fair warning though, it isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s much more difficult than your average chaos server. I’ll lay out my thoughts on it at a later date though. This story is role-play based on my actual experiences on the server. This happened late last year though so the events are a bit dated. This is a story following my character The Wandering Fisherman. He is a survivor of the wasteland who lost it all when the world ended. He then decided to avoid the grief of losing what he loves he decided to forgo any further possessions that wasn’t needed to live in this new world. Welcome to No Destination, my tales within Aftermath!


Dinner by Candlelight

I looked into my bag and realize the error I have made in my hasty retreat from another fallen home. I have gathered armor, weapons, blocks, and tools but I lacked the food to survive. Unfortunately I was out on a mining expedition when I heard the news of the base that was gone. My eyesight grows hazy from a familiar feeling deep within me. So there I was, hiding in my hole with hunger clawing at my thoughts as I ration this apple as much as I can before I pass out for the night.

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